Nail Lamp 92W

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Hi-quality nail lamp, 98W.

This product can help you dry your nail gels. It has 30s 60s, 90s and 120s buttons for time setting and low heat mode can be chosen. Count down option.


Can dry almost all nail gels:

Can be used for curing various nail gels such as UV nail builder and base gels. (Can not be used for drying nail polish.)

Automatic induction:

It will start to work automatically if you put your hands into this machine without pressing time button.

4 time setting:

30seconds 60 seconds 90 seconds for time choosing and 120 seconds for maximum working time without pressing time button.

Low heat mode:

120 seconds for low heat mode, protecting your hands’ skin.

Count down and timekeeping fucntion:

It will count down if you press time setting button. Timekeeping function starts if you choose low heat mode or automatic induction mode.


Material: ABS plastic

Lamp Beads: 42UV/LED Lamp Beads

Life time: 50000H

Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ DC 24V 2A

Power: 98W

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